Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas recap

It was a fun-filled and busy Christmas for us this year, but worth every minute to watch 1 year old Des smile at all of the ladies in church and to spend time with my sisters together, something we don't get to do enough now that the youngest lives in NYC. There was also the annual Christmas dinner last weekend with my high school girlfriends, 5 of us who have been the best of friends even though we are now spread between the East and West coasts. I'm hoping Mary blogs some of our classy photos from the annual photo shoot we do - necessary to have yearly photos, since she is a professional photographer and all.

I didn't take nearly enough photos on Christmas, but here are 2 that make me happy.

1. The day started at our house with a very happy puppy and his new chew toys...

2. And one of my favorite gifts that I gave this year, a custom tote from Vistaprint for grocery shopping in NYC, full of other goodies, for the Chanel-loving Amanda.

The next few weeks will be full of fun things while I have some time off from school. And then it's back to the rat race!

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