Wednesday, May 30, 2012

how many bridesmaids?

Two bridesmaids or twelve? Obviously this is a very personal choice, but where my summer is being consumed by weddings, alongside helping my big sister plan her wedding, it is something on my mind. 

If you're on a budget: The fewer bridesmaids, the better. Those bouquets are not cheap, and you'll feel more pressured to give them a plus one. (I subscribe to the rule that if your pal has a significant other, you are required to give them a plus one; otherwise, do what you want.)

If you plan on doing a lot of DIY: The more, the merrier. I was recently discussing ceremony setup with a bride who plans on doing everything herself - three hours before the ceremony. Yes, she plans on getting her hair and makeup done, as well as photos with the groom - along with setting up centerpieces, wrapping tulle around the ceremony chairs, and all without help from any of her bridesmaids.

While being on a budget and doing a lot of DIY may go hand in hand, and if this is your situation, consider the options:  Use wildflowers, local flowers, or fewer flowers (and more greenery) in your bridesmaids' bouquets. Make meaningful gifts for your bridal party rather than giving them expensive necklaces. Explain to them that a plus one for everyone isn't in your budget. Shop around for the best prices with venues and vendors. And at the end of the day, remember that it is only a few hours of your life, and the most important piece is that thirty seconds when you'll be dedicating yourself to your partner.

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