Tuesday, December 31, 2013

see ya, 2013

If there's one word for 2013, it is challenging.

There were some really, really tough times, the largest by far being the impact on my family from the attacks on one of my favorite cities at a 117-year old Patriots Day tradition.
There were some great times, including my sister's wedding to her boyfriend of 10 years...

(see? I'm the runt of the litter- Britt's wearing flats and I'm in heels. Sad face.)

and, oh yeah, one of my besties was the photographer that day! (photos via Mary Costa Photography)

...and my best friend married a great guy from college in a gorgeous August Cape Cod wedding.

T and I got engaged (!), started planning our wedding, and took a vacation across the country.

But in all of the crap of this year, and there was a lot of it, I was reminded by the goodness of people, especially in the hundreds who supported my family in April and since then. From cards from schoolchildren on the west coast to baked goods left on the porch from close friends, people cared, and it meant a lot.

So, 2013, we've had good times and bad, and I can't say I'm sad to see you go.

Happy New Year, and Cheers to 2014!


  1. Love this and love you! Here's to 2014!!

  2. You absolutely did have a great year, here's to 2014!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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