Wednesday, November 28, 2012

DIY Christmas tree decorations

It's getting to the end of my semester, so it's been quite the busy week. I cannot wait until this accounting class is over!

I recently found a blog by Shauna Mailloux where last year she posted about some handmade Christmas decorations she made. It looked so easy that I took on the little project. While mine didn't come out as nice as hers, I think they're cute. Plus, I used a gray scarf I've never worn and pieces of an open-stitch white cardigan I have stopped wearing, along with the cereal box cones Shauna suggested and glitter I already had, so they were completely free decorations. Definitely check out her tutorial!

Please ignore the obnoxious cord hanging in the photo. For some reason the people who owned the house before us had really high outlets, so we need to lower them. It's on the never-ending to do list.

With a very busy Black Friday weekend trying to finish my Christmas shopping, packages are rolling in this week (see photo below with Sprout strategically in the line of the photo). I'm a huge fan of online shopping - it's like getting a surprise gift that you get to open. (Gratuitious Sprout photo now)

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