Thursday, November 22, 2012

DIY glitter invitation keepsake ornament

Have you had enough turkey and want to do a DIY project? Here's a simple one that leaves you with a great gift for a newlywed friend. I recently attached this ornament to a larger gift, and the bride loved it! It's a nice way for the new couple to remember their wedding at the holidays.

To create the invitation keepsake ornament, you'll need:
  • Glass fillable ornaments (these are the ones I used - you want glass rather than acrylic so you don't have a seam)
  • Ribbon- a 10" piece
  • Piece of invitation (or save the date, whichever you choose) about 4"x4"
  • Glitter, about 1 tablespoon


Cut your piece of invitation into thin strips, about 1/8" wide. Wrap a few pieces at a time around your pinkie finger so they have a bit of curl to them. Insert pieces into the glass ornament until you have the desired look (I like it to look almost full). Pour in the glitter. For this one I used silver glitter, but you'll want it to match the colors of the invitation. Then put the cover back on the ornament and attach your ribbon, leaving enough to hang from a tree branch (about 10" long, folded in half).

And voila! 

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