Sunday, November 11, 2012

weekend recap: weekend wedding

We went to an incredible wedding this weekend. I couldn't get over the food- seriously, to the point where I ate too much and wasn't hungry at all today (which seems, in my limited experience, to be a NJ wedding thing).

Aside from the incredible food and the gorgeous decor (see evidence in the place card display, above), I was touched by some of the traditions included in the event. Meredith, a friend and fellow guest, posted here about the anniversary dance, during which we learned that 3 of the couples in attendance had been married for 51 years (!).

Also included were a special song for the Italian side of the wedding with a fun, all-guest-inclusive dance, and a song for the Irish side (the groom's family), which ended with a rousing rendition of "Wild Rover". I loved how the bride and groom incorporated each other's family members into the night, and I found myself wishing that my family had more special traditions like theirs.

It was a fabulous event, and though I'm looking forward to another wedding this weekend, my waistline could do without.

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