Monday, January 28, 2013

sweet little somethings

or why not pull a Kimye and get custom-made earrings with both of your initials?

Though we don't normally do gifts on V-day, these are a few sweet little things I wouldn't say no to (or may even gift to myself).

I find Valentine's Day to be one of those Hallmark holidays that either a) bums you out because you're single and it feels like everyone else has plans or b) you are one of the paired off and go out with your s.o. but then feel guilty about how much that prix-fixe dinner is costing. This year I've requested that we go see the newest Die Hard movie (yippie ki-yay), which conveniently comes out on 2.14. And then we will spend the weekend celebrating Mr. Sprout, who turns 2 on the 16th!

What do you do for Valentine's Day, if anything?

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