Thursday, April 18, 2013

designing a sitting room

One of the items on my to do list is to redo one of the bedrooms in our house, which is going to become a sitting room/2nd living room. It's currently T's office and has nothing but a desk and ginormous book shelf in it.

My must haves for the room: 
- It has to be comfortable.
- It has to be functional as a TV room/sitting room/living room.
- It needs to be bright. The walls are a light teal color, which we won't be painting over (for now, anyway).

baby fox prints // blue lamp // boxwood topiary

The ottoman serves as a coffee table (with a simple tray on top), as well as storage (hooray for storage ottomans!). I love the baby animal prints, but if we decide against those it would be in favor of photos of Sprout, whose face kills me with cuteness.

I mean, look at this face- can you even?

Anyway, designing a sitting room... Have you put a lot of thought into designing any rooms in your home lately?

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