Thursday, June 6, 2013

one wall wallpapers

Back a few years ago, I took on the task of ripping wallpaper off of the walls of my childhood bedroom to update the room. Even though the wallpaper had been up for 22 years, friends, it was terribly difficult to remove. Such a pain.

I recently saw Michelle's chevron stenciled wall and loved that it's a focal point in her craft room.

I love the idea of having a focal wall, especially in a room that doesn't have much else going on. Because I don't have the attention span to do as much detail as the chevron wall (I think I need to eat more carrots or something), I tried to figure out an easier way of having one focal wall. I am totally in love with some of these wallpapers.

Sidenote: That is the chaise of my dreams.

I would love to do a pretty gold pattern in the bedroom behind the bed! Maybe in the near future?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing my craft room! I originally wanted to do wallpaper but I change my mind too often. I don't recommend stenciling. ;)


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