Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pinterest etiquette

In general, Pinterest makes for a great virtual cookbook, craft book, and DIY library. You can conveniently access, share, and "store" ideas to come back to later without increasing the clutter in your home. Keeping your boards organized like you would tangible folders will make it easier for you to go back and find the fabulous squash soup recipe or the outfit you want to recreate sometime in the near future.

But here's your friendly reminder that what you Facebook, tweet, pin, etc. is a reflection of you. As with all social media outlets, just because you can put something out there doesn't mean you should. 

Lately, I've seen some pins pop up that will (hopefully) never find their way onto any of my boards. Sharing lingerie you're buying for your honeymoon, gifts you're about to give, or how to squeeze money out of your closest friends and family are on my "please don't share" list.

If you're a bride, consider this:

- do you want your wedding guests to know details of your event before they get there? If you don't care that people may know what your signature drink is, what your centerpieces will look like, or what items you DIY'd, there's no harm in pinning away. (But please, save your friends and guests the knowledge of what you'll be wearing the night of your honeymoon.)

- on the same note, do you want your guests to know that you're trying to as much cash out of them as possible? (see image above)

- traditionally, the wedding dress has been a big surprise to everyone except close family members (like mom) and very close friends. Pinning your favorite styles or designers will give people an idea of what you're going for. Though no one will really know what your dress is exactly, or what you look like in it, as long as you don't pin your dress (from your latest fitting) with the caption "the dress I 'said yes' to!"

- I often see bridal party gifts pinned - everything from monogrammed menswear shirts for the day of the wedding to jewelry to gift cards. What's the fun in giving a gift if the giftee already knows what they are getting?

- Pinning a board of entirely navy and gray, including three near-identical versions of a short, navy bridesmaid dress from J.Crew may mean you have fewer guests showing up in that color - or, on the other hand, if you have crazy people in your life, you may end up with guests who felt they should have been in your bridal party showing up in that exact dress

Do yourself a favor and think before you pin

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