Thursday, February 14, 2013

healthy snack: zucchini chips

I came across this recipe for baked zucchini chips and had to try it. They came out great, and I'm excited to make them again for a healthy snack.

baked zucchini chips, healthy snack

Recently, I've decided to try new recipes and make more than the 5 things I know by heart how to cook well. These zucchini chips are a nice change of pace from office pretzels for the workday afternoon, and (bonus) they're healthy! 

The first batch I made were done in a frying pan with olive oil. They cooked really fast and were delicious. The next batch I made in the oven, as the recipe suggests. It took a while for them to cook, and the thinner pieces were done faster than the given time on the recipe. Next time I make these, I'll slice the zucchini thinner (and not have to wait the 2+ hours for the thicker pieces!).

With enough salt, you might be able to convince yourself that these are actually potato chips.

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