Tuesday, February 19, 2013

the making of a bar cart

building a bar cart, putting together a bar cart, Target bar cart

Target bar cart, Target drink cart

I've been hunting for a bar cart for what seems like ages, and I haven't been able to find one that I love in my price range. And then I found this one, which was a steal at $65 (thanks, Target!), and I had to have it.
It arrived in a heavy box, and I got all of the pieces out in my work space (the living room), with my trusty sidekick helping (by napping). At first, my little project did not look like much, but quickly (and after just one mistake that I fixed in a few minutes), it was standing upright!

Please excuse the iPhone photos- someday I will invest in a "real" camera!

Once it was done, I played around with where to place it in the dining room. The room is an exact square, which makes it kind of awkward for furniture. Sprout came in to check out where I had placed it, which was under his portrait. And then he thought he would pose in front of it.

It doesn't 100% fit with the traditional dining room set we have, so I moved it into the kitchen where it's closer to the rest of the glassware and fits better style-wise. I'm so glad I finally have my bar cart! I'm considering adding gold touches to it, but it'll stay as-is for now.

On top are my Altuzarra glasses and shaker, which I wrote about here.

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