Thursday, September 27, 2012

bridesmaids dresses you'll wear again

a) How many times has a bride said to her bridesmaids, "And you can wear it again!"? 

b) And how many of those dresses have seen the light of day after the reception is over?

Answers: a) too many b) very few

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Two of the JLM Couture brands, Noir by Lazaro and Jim Hjelm Occasions, have dresses available that you might actually take out of your closet again. I love the colorblocking, lace detail, and less traditional styles. They stay away from taffeta, lime green, chocolate brown, ribbon sashes, and other typical bridesmaidsy characteristics.

If you don't care so much about what your girls do with their dress after the event, or if you're paying for the dresses (and aren't expecting them to shell out hundreds of dollars for a one-time-wear gown), by all means choose a pastel, bubble hem, or spaghetti straps.

But if you 100% want your girls to be able to wear their dresses again, pick a short or long black, gray, navy, or other neutral in a cotton, cotton-silk, chiffon, or other light fabric. (J Crew has some versatile options on the more simple side.) Taffeta and heavy polyester do not lend themselves well to versatility - even from the aisle to another event.

And if JLM Couture is out of your budget, find budget-conscious options at David's Bridal or your local boutique shops.

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