Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a confession and a 2-legged armchair

I have a confession:  I am really, really impatient. This can be good, but more often it is not. For example, if I'm driving behind you in a 35mph zone and you are driving 20mph, I am probably fuming in my vehicle and making less-than-desired comments about your driving. You might even hear a little beep-beep.

A secondary example - When I moved into our house (T was already living there), I brought with me an armchair that I thought might be useful. It was a hand-me-down, and I thought I'd put it in my office and have an extra place to sit. Well, that chair was not the most comfortable, it lacked an ottoman, and it just became a place for me to throw my clothes that needed to be hung up.

When I decided I wanted it OUT, I wanted it out then. Unfortunately, it had taken T a lot of time to get it in the room, including door removal, because of its awkwardly large base. So after 5 minutes or so of trying to take the door off myself or getting the chair out (because T was busy with Monday Night Football), I gave up - and the next day came back with a vengeance, and also a saw.

And now the chair is sitting like this in our basement until the next trash day (because with the back legs gone, I could actually move it through doorways), unless someone really wants an armchair with only 2 legs. As much as I love being green and recycling things, my impatience did not allow for this chair to make it on to someone else's house.

On the bright side, at least I was able to stop myself when I thought about buying this dress on ideeli (one of my favorite flash sale sites) for an upcoming black tie wedding. As much as I am obsessed with it, I decided it looks much too bridal. And I'm not about trying to upstage any bride. (You're welcome, friends.)

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  1. hehe love this!

    And that is an AMAZING dress... I would have bought it anyways, even if the only place I could wear it was around the house!


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