Tuesday, September 25, 2012

women who inspire me: kendi (kendieveryday)

Kendi not only has a pretty cool name, but she's a style blogger from Texas with an incredible, affordable fashion sense.

images from Kendi's blog

A few reasons I'm inspired by this brunette beauty:
  • She left the world of online marketing to start her shop, bloom, which features affordable pieces for "the everyday woman". Being an online marketer myself, I can't imagine taking the leap to move into a potentially unstable environment. But clearly this entrepreneuress has made it work!
  • She blogs things like, "And then I talked to bloggers and showed them my jazz hands. They were impressed." Her humor is a little sarcastic and a lot funny.
  • The outfits she posts include items from stores like J.Crew, Gap, Kohl's, and other budget-friendly spots that can be found around the country. In a world full of bloggers who turn to Lanvin, Givenchy, and other brands that are impossible to afford on a less-than-six-figure salary, Kendi helps fashionable young women look good without breaking the bank.
If you don't know her blog, you definitely need to check her out.

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