Wednesday, May 15, 2013

wedding Wednesday: the dress after the big day

You've taken your vows, your photos are being edited, and you are back from your honeymoon. While you're putting away everything from the wedding, remembering how incredible of a day it was, an important question pops up:  What do you do with your dress? The dress?

what to do with a wedding dress after the wedding

I've heard of ladies cutting theirs up to make Christening gowns for their children. My own mom had hers (complete with hat) boxed up and sealed, and then it sat in the attic in its box for 20+ years; meanwhile, my neighbor got to wear her mom's dress at her 7th birthday party as we danced around to "It's My Party", which I remember thinking was the coolest thing ever.

These ladies opted to keep their dress in view after the big day.

Rhiannon from Hey Gorgeous Events hung her dress in her home office as decor. She is an event planner, so it works perfectly.

Adrienne Maloof of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (you know who she is) framed her ballgown and hung it outside of her closet.

Adrienne Maloof wedding dress, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This bride had wedding guests write notes on pieces of fabric, which she planned to turn into a quilt, incorporating pieces of her wedding dress.

What did you do with your dress after your wedding? Or what do you plan to do with it? I can't see myself boxing up such an important piece of clothing and putting it away for years.

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