Monday, May 20, 2013

Around Here

Flowers are in bloom all around my yard, and some of them are so gorgeous. This is my attempt at using some of my new photo skills that I learned at Blog Better Boston

Sprout and I spend a lot of quality time together on the weekends, and last weekend after his new haircut, I made him pose for quite a few photos. This was his "Please stop, I'm tired" face. I think we got some good ones for next year's Christmas card, though! Success.

I feel like this Spring is busier than last. But with two graduations this week, visits from some really fun people I don't see enough, and some vacation plans in the works, it's mostly a very good busy!

Before yesterday's graduation event, my little sister and I realized how much our styles are alike:

Her Chanel pumps // My J.Crew Etta Pumps

Have a fabulous Monday!

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