Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Shoesday: May purchases

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! I spent some time with friends and family, both in Boston and on the Cape. My belated thanks to everyone who has served and continues to serve our great country!

This Tuesday I'm sharing some of my May shoe purchases.

1. I've been checking out these J.Crew cap toe pumps for a while, and when they were on sale plus another 20% off, I had to get them. They go with pretty much everything.
2. I spotted the Zara heels (now only available in black) on Ashley's blog and couldn't pass them up at the $29.99 sale price. I've already worn them twice in the week that I've had them!
3. These Pour La Victoire beauties were on ideeli's sale and have a surprise gold detail under the heel. It's little details like that that get me.
4. I've been stalking these Valentino heels, but I can't afford the $1,000 price tag. I was floored when I found these Rachel Roy lookalikes at a fraction of the Valentino price on ideeli's site! 
5. Who doesn't need a pair of blue glitter metal-spiked heels? Clearly, I do.

The winner of the bunch for least practical but most awesome are definitely these blue glitter Enzos. I can't get over how fun they are. 

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  1. YAY so glad you scooped them up. I'm wearing them today :)


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