Thursday, July 18, 2013

BarkBox and a giveaway

I signed Sprout up for BarkBox almost 6 months ago, since I kept hearing such great things about it and thought it might be fun to get a new box of goodies each month. So far, he has loved each time I put a new box down. We even found a few new favorite things because of BarkBox, like Puptato Chips and this Planet Dog strawberry toy!

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Sidenote: I really should change the name of this blog since I talk much less about fashion and decor and much more about Sprout than I originally intended.

And here's where you can enter the giveaway! I have a code for one free month of BarkBox ($29 value) to give away to one lucky reader and their pup (7/24 Note: I decided to give away 3 instead of one, since I'm feeling generous today). This giveaway is open to the US and Canada.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a code for a free month to give to someone else's pup just for having a subscription. This post is not sponsored by BarkBox and, as always, includes all of my own opinions.


  1. Replies
    1. It's open to the US and Canada, since that's where BarkBox will ship

  2. Bailey (my dog-niece) destroys EVERY toy she gets - but the favorite so far has been a bone with rubber ball center and replaceable rawhide discs on either end. New options would be fabulous!

  3. Aww my dog doesn't have a favorite toy! She'd love a barkbox!

  4. Our dog loves Kong squeaky balls!

  5. My dog Katy would love a bark box

  6. Petunia gave Morkie a 6 month subscription to Barkbox for Heather's birthday, but she has never been the recipient of a Barkbox herself.... :)

  7. Oh and Petunia's favorite toy is this dirty old pink and blue lobster, as well as the barn and chicks she got at Sprout's party... I say to her... "Petunia, the barn is on fire!! Get the chicks out!!" and she does her best.

  8. My dog's favorite toy is this little round ball with bunny ears that makes a noise when you drop it. She whips it around like crazy! We call it her bun bun, and are not embarrassed at all :)

  9. Our dog's love tennis balls. They especially love tearing them up.

  10. My pups love the Loofa dog stuffed toys or any type of tennis ball. They love to rip the fuzz off of regular tennis balls, so we usually buy the Chuckit! Ultra balls.


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