Sunday, October 20, 2013

chocolate goodies and

If you follow on Instagram, you know that I'm in one of those dreaded weeks - midterms. Whether you're still in school or can think back to that time, you know it's miserable. This morning during a marathon study session, I decided to treat myself to a whole lot of chocolate with a chocolate croissant and a chocolate-and-whipped-topped latte. (The wedding diet can wait.)

Note: I had to dig into that whipped cream before I could even snap a photo.

I was excited to pay for my treats with my new prepaid debit card from I chose this giraffe card because I knew opening up my wallet to see this instead of a boring old card would make me happy. They have a variety of other choices, from animals to cartoon characters to nature scenes. But how cute is he?

Visa prepaid cards from

There are a ton of great features you can find out about on, but one of the best things is that you can't get overdraft fees. Go check out's prepaid debit cards- and, as with anything having to do with your finances, make sure you read all of the rules and fine print.

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