Sunday, July 15, 2012

weekend recap

What a busy week! I was gone from the blog for a few days to finish up finals for one of my classes. One more week of finals to go for another class, and I'm free for the summer!

It was a busy weekend, too. A friend's engagement party with a gorgeous ocean view, lots of pool time with T and Sprout (who got a haircut today), finally got Sprout's portrait up in the dining room, and Lord & Taylor has their clearance sale going on - shoe heaven! I somehow managed to walk out with only 3 pairs, including those black suede ones - I don't even know what to call them - suede bootie sandals with a peep toe? - and the leopard print heels, as well as a gorgeous pair of Michael Kors peep toe heels. 

I'm looking forward to a restful night and beginning a new week!

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