Wednesday, August 15, 2012

back to school necessities

Because I'm a part-time MBA student, I feel totally okay saying I have to go back to school shopping and putting a budget towards that. Here are some items that are on my list this year as I'm getting ready to head back to the classroom.

Clockwise:  I need to get a little more organized with mail and keys, so a wall-mounted mail organizer would be perfect to add next to the door. // Pretty toiletry bags can be used to carry pens, highlighters, etc., or lipsticks, glosses, and bobby pins. // Umbrellas are much more fun when they have dog silhouettes on them! // These twig pencils caught my eye - not exactly practical, but they're seasonal and would be cute in your living room. // A practical (yet fashionable) tote - this one from Foley and Corinna - can easily go from the office to the classroom. // Even if you don't use pencils on a regular basis, these "Things We Love" pencils from Design Darling are too cute to pass up. // Colorful notebooks are much easier to spot and grab on your way to class - and this one, from Three Hip Chicks, can be monogrammed.

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