Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY: blue sprayed shoes

black and blue heels, blue sprayed heels

I had a pair of BCBG black heels that were great aside from the fact that the heels were once gnawed on a bit by my small fluffy housemate. Even though I touched them up with black nail polish, you could tell that there had been a touchup if you looked close enough (granted, who is actually looking? but I had a thing about it. And also after a while the black nail polish would turn sort of white? It was weird.). 

While I was cleaning out my closet recently, I set these aside and figured I'd decide what to do with them later. And then I came home one day and decided to fix them then and there, and thus begins the story of why I went to work with a blue hand.

I taped up the sides of the shoes so that the heel and a bit of the back were exposed.

Then I took a can of Krylon blue spray paint in Regal Blue that was conveniently in my basement and sprayed down the heels.

Then this happened. Important tip: Make sure the paint is spraying toward what you want painted, not toward your hand.

Sprout wasn't very impressed by my DIY attempts and whined at me from inside the fence. So while I waited for the paint to dry (on the shoes- the paint on my hand was pretty dry already), I played fetch with this guy. 

And then I came back to the shoes. I sprayed a clear coat on them when the blue was dry, thinking that would help seal them. What it actually did was create a weird ombre look that probably could have been okay, but I wanted these shoes to be black and blue, not black and ombre blue/gray/drip. So I did another coat of blue, played some more fetch, and let the shoes dry overnight.

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