Tuesday, August 21, 2012

be true to who you are: a thank you

This morning I was thinking about my classmates from my class early this summer who encouraged me to branch out from what I've been doing to what I want to be doing. The class wasn't a typical MBA elective, but rather a self-exploration exercise with a peer coach and a group of peers to bounce ideas off of. While I have only made a small move professionally, I feel like I am in a good place right now, and it is partially because I have this outlet that I call my blog. So even if the only people reading this are my mom, my boyfriend, and my closest friends, thank you for letting me express my love of fashion and my less business/more creative side with poorly taken iPhone photos and graphics that I will look back on in a few years and will make me cringe. And thanks also to an awesome group of people from the aforementioned class: Ryan x2, Ben, Henry, and Devon; for your honest feedback and for making me feel like I needed to get off my butt and create something.

be true to who you are

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