Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend recap & organized cabinets

This weekend was much calmer than the rest of the summer has been, since we're done with weddings until November. T and I spent some much-needed relaxing time at home, and Sprout had a few play dates. I met up with some girlfriends to see Ted (which I liked more than I thought I would), and when I came home, T had completely organized all of the kitchen cabinets, even labeling the pantry shelves. The corner cabinet I took a photo of (below) has been a mess since we moved in - but T put my lazy susan in there, and it is so much better! 

I also discovered that T's Ray-Ban Wayfarers look somewhat good on me, so I spent some time kidnapping those!

Also, can we talk about the Closing Ceremony last night? Posh still has no personality, and I would love a modified version of Emma's pink dress.

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