Tuesday, August 21, 2012

cleaning out for a new season

Out with the old, and in with the new! While you're cleaning out your closet and getting ready for another Fall season of fabulous fashion, check out these two new sites which allow you to sell your clothing. They both make it super easy - tell them what it is you have, get a quote, and send it to them (and they pay the shipping). Klury accepts mostly luxury brands, and you can find items on there like this vintage beaded top and BCBG fringe top for around $50 each. They allow you to get a quote before you send them your items. Twice, on the other hand, accepts other brands, like Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, and The Limited (just to name a few), and you send them your items before they tell you what they're going to pay you. There, you can find dresses by laundry for around $30 (a steal!). I've sold to Klury, and I'm planning to also sell to Twice. So far, so good!

Klury, Klury.com

Klury, vintage, beaded, bcbg

Twice, liketwice
twice, liketwice, sell dress, laundry, max studio

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