Thursday, August 30, 2012

piece of my home

I thought I'd share a piece of my home and some of the things that make me happy:  This side table has a few of my favorite living room things on it.

1. A framed picture of T and Sprout from the day we picked up the little guy. It's one of my absolute favorite photos from the past few years, because it takes me back to that exciting and nerve-wracking day, and it's just plain adorable.
2. Slate coasters. I found these in a TJ Maxx, and they're just the right mix of texture and polish.
3. A small rose plant (specifically a "victory rose") from my local grocery store, with tissue paper and a silver bucket I found in the $1 bin at Target (a dangerous but great spot). 
Also pictured: A lamp I would like to replace and a candle that should have been moved. Sometimes I'm lazy.

P.S. Please excuse the Sephora bag in the background of this photo. See aforementioned laziness.

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