Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cancun vacation recap

Cancun vacation, Excellence Riviera Cancun, beach

I am back from one of the most relaxing trips I have ever taken. T and I spent 5 days at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, just south of Cancun. I'm still not moving at my normal Boston pace, and I am savoring this last vacation day before going back to work tomorrow.

The view from our room was fabulous. The sun rose over the water, and it was such a nice way to wake up each morning.

I loved having a pool lounger that was in the water, and I'm trying to convince T that we need to build a similar ledge into our pool at home.

A bronzed goddess I am not, but I managed to only get a small patch of sunburn - success! I had some grand plans for outfits, but I spent the majority of the time in a swimsuit, so that plan didn't work out. 

Frozen mudslides and poolside cabanas... sigh.

We came back to a snowstorm and 30 degree temperatures. Okay, Boston, let's get some sun and warmer temps going. I need weekends at the Cape with a view like this:

Photos were taken at Excellence Riviera Cancun, Porto Morelos, Mexico.

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