Friday, March 1, 2013

weekend must-do: how to clean makeup brushes

how to clean makeup brushes

I'm guilty. I don't clean my makeup brushes as much as I should! But I've started putting it on my weekend "do" list, right under everything else cleaning-related.

You can use gentle shampoo (baby shampoo works well), but Sephora's anti-bacterial brush cleaner is my favorite way to clean my brushes.

Simple steps:
1. Rinse each brush individually under warm water to remove top-layer makeup residue.
2. One pump per brush should do the trick (about half the size of a dime). Massage into your brush like you would shampoo your scalp.
3. Rinse under warm water.
4. Gently reshape each brush (see image above for reshaped brushes) and lay flat to dry. I lay mine flat on a towel.

To clean your brush handles, which I clearly did not do this week, use a mixture of baking soda and water. It will take the makeup residue right off!

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