Thursday, March 28, 2013

closet clean out: where to sell your clothes & accessories

So you're cleaning out your closet using the tips I talked about back in January, and then you stand back and stare at the huge pile of stuff you don't need or want anymore:  Now, what do you do with it? In order to do some research on how to get the most for your time and effort (while cleaning out my own closet), I used a few different platforms for getting rid of gently used items.

The contenders

how to use ebay
 Probably the most familiar to you is ebay, where you can post items for a "buy it now" price or at an auction for a set number of days (usually 7).
how to use Poshmark
 Poshmark is an online community, similar to Pinterest in view-style, where you can list items for sale. You can take part in "parties", which highlight specific types of items, and others can "share" or "like" your items.

how to use Klury
 With Klury you upload photos of your items and they send you a quote, at which point you can decide to sell it to them or decline. It is free to ship the item to them.
how to use Twice
At Twice you let them know what items you will be sending and then ship it to them for free. They inspect everything and send you a check.

My thoughts

If you are looking for ease of use, Twice is what you want. Making sure that your items are within their approved brands, with a few clicks of your mouse you can print out a packing slip and send those items on their way.
Cons: They price the items for you, and you won't get top dollar. For example, a pair of Express shorts will get you around $2.

If you have a vintage item or something unique, or something that does not fall into the approved brands of other sellers, head over to ebay. You can list any item, start it at any price you desire, and if it doesn't sell, you only pay a small listing fee.
Cons: You pay a listing fee, though it is small. Your item has the best chance of selling if you start it at less than $1 with no "reserve price" (that is, a price you will not sell below); however, if you do this you are not guaranteed to get as much as you want for the item.

Klury allows you to get a quote on designer items prior to sending them anywhere.
Cons: You have to take time to take photos of each item and upload them, along with a description. They are very selective about items accepted.

is an interesting platform. It is definitely time-consuming to follow up on questions from other users regarding each item in your "closet". Depending on how many users you follow, your newsfeed will rapidly change, so items disappear from view quickly:  It is best to join the "parties" and share your items there so that they get enough exposure to sell. On the plus side, you get to price your items, and buyers will negotiate with you within the platform.
Cons: Items disappear from users' view quickly based on how many items are uploaded. It is time consuming to use this platform.

Did I miss any major online hubs for buying and selling gently used clothing and accessories? Have you used any of these? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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