Friday, March 15, 2013

guest post: wedding tips from Mary Costa of Mary Costa Photography

Hi there! I'm Mary Costa, one of Alyssa's BFFs from high school, and I'm super excited to be guest blogging for her! I'm a wedding/portrait photographer based in Los Angeles. Wedding season is kicking into full swing for me, plus it seems like every day my Facebook feed is flooded with new engagement announcements from friends (yay!!). 

Weddings are awesome, but they can definitely be overwhelming to plan. Here are six tips for brides from the standpoint of a wedding photographer!

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1. Choose a nice getting-ready location: Try to choose a spot with good light and decor for those first photos. If it's somewhere you've been staying for awhile, have your room clean when your photographer arrives. (Photo credit: Andria Lindquist)

2. Have nice hangers: It's always wonderful to get a shot of that gorgeous dress hanging...but not quite so nice on a bad hanger! A pretty hanger makes a world of difference in the photos. This bride made individualized name tags for all of her bridesmaids, making the photos that much more special! (Photo credit: Style Me Pretty/Bloom Photography).

3. Make contact: Wedding photographers LOVE when couples opt to do a first look - it's not only a gorgeous moment, but it usually makes your day-of schedule way less stressful. That said, some couples prefer to keep things traditional and wait until the wedding to see each other. But just because you can't see each other doesn't mean you can't touch! This couple opted to pray together before the wedding and hold hands without looking at one another. If you want to keep things traditional, try something like this to capture a special memory with your partner before your wedding.

4. Involve your guests: Giving confetti, sunglasses, bubbles, umbrellas, or other fun props/details to your guests can add a lot of personality to your day! (Photo credit: Our Labor Of Love)

5. Plan for portraits around sunset: It's soooo important to take light into account when you're planning your wedding schedule. Be sure to check the sunset time for your day and try to plan for portraits around this time. Photographing in the middle of the day often leaves you with bright light, harsh shadows, and squinting portraits. I love shooting during the last hour of the day. If that much time isn't feasible in your schedule, at the very least try to grab 20 minutes of private couple portraits before the sun sets, even if you have to duck out of dinner briefly! (Photo credit: This Modern Romance)

6. Be adventurous: It's true that you paid a lot for that dress, and you're probably going to be tired come portrait time... but don't let that stop you from having some fun! Don't be afraid to trample through the woods, run in a field, or sit down in the sand. Take advantage of the time you have in your dress and make some awesome images (and memories) in the process. (Photo credit: Tyler Branch)

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